A HQ!! Animal Zine

A charity zine celebrating our love for all things Haikyuu!! and animals 🐾Current Status: Leftover Sales Open !Visit our store!Enjoy our Black Friday Specials: a free Art Print Set 3 (code BLACKCATFRIDAY) or a 10% off (code PAW10) !


This zine is a charity project supporting the Wildlife Conservation Network. Our goal is to share our love for Haikyuu!! and all types of animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, and others!) by showcasing their interactions with each other. Haikyuu!! characters and schools are often symbolized through their associated animal mascots or metaphorical imagery, and the theme of this zine encourages artists and writers to expand upon these concepts!The zine will allow portrayals of any real animals, not just the animals affiliated as Haikyuu!! mascots. However, mythical creatures will not be permitted.Haikyuu!! characters may be shown as animals, as humans interacting with animals, or as humans with some animalistic traits (e.g., ears, tails, etc.). Furries will not be allowed.


Sarah 🐾

PositionOrganization, Social Media, Production, Finance
Fave AnimalWolves, horses, dolphins, and plenty others! Such a difficult question! 🐺🐴🐬
ExperienceAcorn & Arkenstone: A Thorin x Bilbo Zine (Organization and Social Media), Iron Wall: A Dateko Zine (Organization and Social Media), Distortion: A Shigaraki Zine (General), and more.

Cara 🐾

PositionWriting, Production, Finance, General
Fave AnimalSo many! Shiba inus, tigers, whale sharks…. I also love birds of prey like peregrine falcons or kestrels! 🐢🐯🐳
ExperienceThis Side of Paradise: A Haikyuu!! x PokΓ©mon Zine (Production, Shipping), Jack of All Trades: A Konoha Zine (Production, Shipping), Familiar, an original comic (Production, Shipping), and more.

Mango 🐾

Fave AnimalI can never decide on one! Recent faves would be sheep, horses, otters, wolves, and cats! πŸ‘πŸ΄πŸ¦¦πŸΊπŸ±
ExperienceMemory Lane: A Haikyuu Zine (Contributor), The World is Ours: A BTS x Miku Zine (Contributor), Studio Ghibli 2077 Zine (Contributor), and PLUS ULTRA! A BNHA Quirk Swap Zine (Co-Mod and Contributor).

Bella 🐾

Fave AnimalFoxes! 🦊
ExperienceDia a Dia: a HQ!! Latino Zine (Graphics, Social Media), Sk8 in Style: a Sk8 Fashion Zine (Graphics), and more.


What format will the zine be in?
- The zine will be physical with physical merch.
Will this zine be SFW or NSFW?
- The zine will be strictly SFW and PG-13. There will be no sexual, violent, or gory content.
Will the zine be for-profit or charity?
- The zine is for charity. We are donating to the Wildlife Conservation Network!
Who are the moderators?
- Sarah, Cara, Mango, and Bella. Learn more about them here.
What will the zine contain?
- The zine will showcase art and writing of Haikyuu!! characters interacting with animals, either as humans, as animals in full form, or as humans with animalistic traits like tails, ears, markings, etc. Please note that furries, fursonas, and anthropomorphized animal forms will not be permitted in the zine. The contributors will have the opportunity to pitch multiple ideas and that we can provide case-by-case feedback or clarification as necessary!
I don't have a lot of experience drawing animals. Would this affect my application?
- Work showcasing animals is not required, although we do recommend it! Artists will not be required to draw animals, as they can opt to draw animalistic traits like ears or tails instead of a full animal. We also welcome and encourage you to use references as needed, and our art mod will be happy to help you find references or give advice as you like!
Will ships be allowed?
- This project will be a general zine, meaning there will be no ships of overt romantic nature.
Will Alternative Universes be allowed?
- The main focus will be on animals and Haikyuu!! characters. AUs will be allowed, but mythical AUs will not be allowed (i.e., animals cannot be mythical ones).
Will spoilers be permitted?
- Yes, spoilers from the manga will be allowed as the manga has been completed. Anime-only fans should proceed with caution!
Where can the schedule be found?
- You can find the schedule here.
How many contributors will be selected?
- Our goal is to have 8 authors, 6 merch artists and 22 page artists to be a part of the zine.
Will applicants be able to apply for more than one position?
- Applicants will be able to apply for more than one position, but they will only be selected for one.
Will the contributors be compensated?
- At the very least a digital version of the zine and all digital merchandise will be offered. Should the funds permit it, we will also provide a free copy of the zine, free shipping and a free merchandise bundle. In case we do not earn enough profit to provide the contributors with these, any items not offered for free will be available at manufacturing cost for the contributors.

* FAQ may be subject to change. Have another question? Visit our CuriousCat.


February 19Interest Check Opens
March 19Interest Check Closes
March 24Interest Check Results
March 26Contributor Applications Open
May 7Contributor Applications Close
May 14Emails Sent
May 21Pitches Due
May 28Zine Assignments Finalized
June 25Check-in #1
July 16Check-in #2
July 13Check-in #3
September 10Final Pieces Due
October 22Preorders Open
December 11Preorders Close


* All dates may be subject to change. Deadlines will be at 11:59pm EST unless otherwise noted.


The Contributor Applications are opened until April 23rd. Make sure to read the requirements correctly!The forms are at the end of the requirements.General Portfolio Requirements for merchandise and page Artists and Writers- Present your best pieces with a singular functional link in the form.
- There will be a possibility to share additional works through the portfolio option.
- Please make sure the links are working and are accessible by anyone on the mod team. Any link that is not accessible will have their application voided.
- NSFW samples are okay, but we would prefer SFW pieces. NSFW samples must be tagged as much.
- Your portfolio must include at least 1 Haikyuu!! piece.
You are not required to have an animal in your samples/portfolio. However, we do recommend including at least one if you do have works with an animal or animal-features of any kind!β€”β€”β€”β€”Writer Requirements3 of your best-written pieces.Each sample must be between 1k and 2.5k words.A portion of a longer chapter may be submitted, either as an excerpt in the shared document, or by clearly denoting which portion should be read (i.e., specific chapter of a multi/m-chapter fic or starting/ending sentence).It can either be a published or unpublished piece.At least one sample must be a finished piece (i.e. not an excerpt from a longer work) that falls within the zine word count (1.5k - 2.5k words).Writing Criteria:Good pacing, flow, and storyline. Works should move smoothly between plot points and draw the reader into the world you’re building. What drives the story? What makes it unique and interesting?Characterization. Readers should recognize the actions, personality, and motivations of in-story characters. If characters are placed in a different world or with a different set of values, how well-rounded are these traits? Is the reader able to agree and see your writing as true to the character?Voice and styling. Writing should showcase your passion and/or the passion of your characters and/or narrators. Is there a point of view or opinion that readers will lean into? How does your story evoke emotion for your characters, and in turn, your readers?Grammar, spelling, and formatting. Writing for the zine will be proofread and edited, but your work should be self-edited so that readers are able to easily follow along with your piece.β€”β€”β€”β€”Page Artist Requirements5 of your best pieces representing your art style.At least 2 of these pieces should be in full color with a background (not just flat colors or sketches).Traditional art is accepted, as long as it is scanned with good quality.Comics are accepted, but with a maximum of 4 panels.Art Criteria:Good knowledge of anatomy, color, lighting, composition, perspective, and form. All of these fundamentals help build works that are eye-catching, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.Consistent style. Artists are encouraged to showcase their varied styles and approaches to work! However, your application should allow us to evaluate your work and form an expectation of what style your piece will bring to the zine. Whether your art style(s) is realistic, cartoony, or experimental, does your artwork demonstrate a willingness to add your own touch and explore your creativity?Ability to finish full pieces. Finished compositions and background work are crucial to display the worlds and/or environments in which your characters are placed.β€”β€”β€”β€”Merchandise Artist Requirements5 of your best pieces representing your art style.Merch artwork is preferred, but not required.Merchandise Criteria:Good knowledge of concept, colors, lines, and composition. All of these fundamentals help build works that are eye-catching for the merch vibe overall.Consistent style. Merchandise artists are encouraged to showcase their varied styles and approaches to work! However, your application should allow us to evaluate your work and form an expectation of what style your merchandise will bring to the zine. Whether your art style(s) is realistic, cartoony, or experimental, does your artwork demonstrate a willingness to add your own touch and explore your creativity?Ability to finish full pieces. Clean lines and attention to detail are crucial to bring a special shine to small scale charms, prints, bookmarks, and other merchandise.We are impatient to look at your applications! Thank you for your support and interest!

Contributor Application Form